Carpet Cleaning and Care

The Benefits of Hot Water Extraction

First step in this process is preconditioning the carpets to loosen all spots and traffic lanes before the cleaning. Then a hot water solution using safe premium Prochem fabric cleaning products is sprayed into the carpet creating agitation which loosens the carpet fibers and allows soils to rise to the surface. This process also returns the pH of the carpet fibers to a neutral state. The solution is then sucked back up by our high powered van mounted unit taking the soils with it and avoiding saturation. For lasting clean and extended protection request our Prochem Fourgaurd fabric protector.

Protect Your Carpets with Prochem's Fourgaurd Fabric Protector

Prochem's Fourgaurd fabric protector blocks soil build up on carpet fibers preventing soils and stains from setting into your carpets. Applied at cleaning, this beneficial service will protect your carpet and ensure better results for future cleaning.

Dry Times

Nobody wants to be exiled from their home for any extended period of time, our process allows you to be back in your home sooner. Our estimated dry times are as little as two hours unlike other processes which require a 24 hr dry time.


Carl's Carpet Cleaning competitively priced at twenty-five cents a square foot with an additional ten cents a square foot for Prochem carpet protector. Minimum $75 on all service calls.

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