Carpet Cleaning in Rocklin and Roseville

Let Carl's Carpet Care come to your home and amaze you with the results of hot water extraction, better known as steam cleaning. To get your carpets looking new we use a high-powered van mounted unit, hot water, safe premium Prochem products, and suction leaving your carpet clean. The product of our equipment and process is a clean, dry, pet, and baby safe rug with no foul odors or trim damage. With the power of a van mounted unit to remove moisture, dry times have know to be as little as two hours. Carl's Carpet Care uses all Prochem products to provide industry trusted quality. Stain removals will be quoted on a stain-by-stain basis if the situation presents itself and simple spot removals are always included. Van mounted unit means we don't drag any big machines into your home making out service quick and effective. Prochems Fourgaurd fabric protector is offered upon request. Let us come to your home and give you an honest estimate today, no pressure, no up selling.

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Tile Cleaning in Rocklin and Roseville

We clean all types of tile using a three part process involving pressure, heat, and detergent. This process is safe for all tile including; marble, granite, and all forms of stone.

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Tile Counter Tops

In addition to tile floors, we also clean tile counter tops. Please call for details.


Do you have dirty dingy showers that just don't seem to get clean with consumer cleaning products? Let us use premium cleaning power to give your shower a clean you didn't know was possible.

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